Producer Stephen Woolley in person at The Rex

.....  anybody interested in film, particularly British film, to listen to discussions and ask questions about the workings of the industry, the work of the film producer and Stephen Woolley’s eventful career.  Academy Award-nominated and Bafta-winning producer Stephen Woolley Is coming in person for the closing screening of Their Finest on Sunday 29th October. 

Of all the many tasks involved in film-making, perhaps the most difficult to fathom is the work of a film producer. An actor’s work is there to see. To varying degrees the same might apply to the cameraman, the set and costume designer, even to some degree the director or editor. Mention the producer’s role however, and you are likely to get a blank response. From discovering the story, engaging the director, raising money and coordinating production and post-production, the role of the producer is arguably the most important.

The British film industry does not have the organisational and corporate presence that operates in France or America. In comparison, it has been described as a cottage industry. However, and perhaps against the odds, the British have created some very good films, and that fact is down to the work of some of our finest producers, amongst whom is Stephen Woolley. 

Stephen’s film production CV embraces Mona Lisa, Interview with a Vampire, Made In Dagenham, The Company of Wolves, Michael Collins, The End of the A air, Back Beat, Scandal, The Crying Game, Carol and many more. At present he is working on two films: On Chesil Beach and Colette and Stephen’s most recent production The Limehouse Golem, starring Bill Nighy, Olivia Cooke and Douglas Booth, is being released on September 1st in the UK.. 

From being a ‘ticket tearer’ as a boy at The Screen on the Green in Islington to working with Neill Jordan on The Crying Game, it is a world he has loved all his life: one in which he has excelled, and in doing so, given us some great cinematic moments, adding significantly to the stock of film art.

From very humble beginnings (‘There were five of us in one room.... and we ate off the floor,’) Stephen has become one of our ‘film moguls’ - if that is not too grand a description to use in the British film industry. Since 1983, when he produced Company of Wolves, he has directed, produced and executive produced 33 films. He is a man of unshakeable optimism, which is perhaps, the key ingredient of success in movie making. We are honoured to have him close our festival.

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