Adding a Film with a Seating Plan

This Guide will show you how to create a new film event.

Make sure you duplicate the Template – SEATING

Adding a Film with a NO Seating Plan

Do the same as the above guide but just tick this button and ignore the seating tab

Make sure you duplicate the Template – NO SEATING

stock for the entire event

you can manange stock on a whole level (just do whats on the left and ignore the part of the video where i add them into the variations) or single on a vibration setting (like in the above video)

Creating Attributes

Attributes are things like genre and location that are items we can use to filter films. If you need to add a new location or genre you should do it here.

The button below will take you straight to the attributes section


Open the POS system on the backend of wordpress or by clicking the button below

You can use the POS System to easily sell tickets to film,

Checking People in to a film

All of this can be done on the app

Adding a news article

Go to the posts area and fill out the title, content and featured image.

News posts will get pulled through automatically once published.

Adding a venue

Go to the project area and fill out the relevant details.

Venues will get pulled through automatically once published.

Refunding an Order

Click into an order and scroll down to the refund button

Editing a Slider

You can either edit the homepage slider or the general slider for all other pages.

Be sure to add the image and the link to the relevant film

Edited the banner / Dates


To get onto the banner click the below button.

Double click on the module that says “Banner Text” add new text save.

Then right click on the section thata says “Right click show hide” click “Enable” and select all three icons.

to disable do the same, right click and slect the icons and they will all go red

Make sure to press the blue update button on the left after all the above is done.

Change the left image on the homepage

Click the below button to go onto the homepage

Enable visual builder at the top

Scroll down till you find the section

hove over the image and select the green section (The cog icon)

double click on select the cog icon of “Change left picture”

Scroll down to the background and select the background section and upload a new image and press save.

Then add the image to the one above the text for it to show on mobile.

Editing/adding Text

Go to the page you want to add/edit the text select visual builder and then follow the video to the left

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